Protecting the environment and the existence of ecosystems within it is a collective responsibility that should be shouldered by every stakeholder in the world. In Canada, some companies have taken the initiative of reducing their impact on the environment resorting to finding new ways of making profits without leaving any lasting damage on the environment. They include:

Oil Sands companies

Companies that are dealing with the extraction of oil from the depths of the planet are the ones that have in the past been dealing the most damage to the environment as they involve deep digging. However, these companies have now come together to formulate new ways of accessing oil with minimum damage to the environment. They are major companies like Alberta Energy who, with others, has teamed up to form Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance that seeks to accelerate the process of improving the environment by mitigating the impacts of their work. Some of the major changes they have proposed are the reduction of the usage of fresh water by 38% so as to leave enough for the people to use. Another one was the use of a satellite to accurately measure and monitor the impact of work being carried out on any oil sand mine giving the companies the ability to quickly see if the new technologies that they are using are putting a strain on the environment.


Coal and Gold mining companies

With the huge negative impact that coal mining has on the environment, many coal companies in Canada have invested heavily in research to find new ways of extracting it without damaging the environment, although this has been a hard job, great progress has been made in that area. Gold mining companies have taken the initiative too by reducing the usage of natural resources like water in order to preserve nature for the future generations.