So many plants and animals have gone extinct on account of man’s interference with nature and more are already on the endangered list. Every day, another plant or animal gets near to being classified as extinct due to climate change. So why is there a need to protect our flora and fauna? What benefits do we as humans accrue from saving the endangered species from total annihilation?

Medicinal Value

Both plants and animals provide men with more than just food; they also are sources of medicine. A valuable plant like Digitalis Purpurea has a very vital extract that is used to treat heart failures, asthma, irregular breathing, and tuberculosis among many others. If a plant like this went extinct, the ramifications would be catastrophic. Animals like leeches prevent coagulation of blood, bees, lizards, scorpions; all these play a role in the medicinal world.

Ecological value

Maintaining an ecological balance is very important. Once a side is disturbed, the other side comes tumbling down; animals and plants do the most when it comes to maintaining this delicate balance. No organism can live by itself, it needs the other either to reproduce or to keep its population in check; take one organism from the equation and everyone suffers.

Agricultural value

From processes like pollination to fertilisation to the actual production of the food that we eat, plants and animals come together to ensure that there is food. Animals help with the dispersion of seeds while in exchange plants provide them with food and clean air. Disease resistant plants can help counter effects of climate change in a huge way if we only decide to collectively do our part in preserving the environment to allow the plants and animals to do their job of ensuring that life is sustained on the planet. As things stand, planet earth is standing at the precipice and unless action is taken, we are all headed for doom.