Canada is home to a very pristine ecosystem; one not yet touched or encroached upon by the humans. For these reasons, it has been able to preserve a lot of its natural ecosystem and all the wildlife found within it. But still, this is not enough as wildlife will forever be in danger as long as humans continue to advance. For these reasons, the Canadian government has put in place policies that ensure that wildlife is given the highest priority and is protected at all costs, some of these policies include:

Controlled Mining

The Canadian government has taken upon themselves to control and regulate the mining industry in way that ensures that there is balance between extraction of valuable resources and the protection and the restoration of the ecosystem that may get disrupted in the process. This is a very good move since it ensures that rogue people do not take advantage of mining activities to destroy vital wildlife habitats.

Regulation of fishing

Fish stocks have plummeted in oceans across the globe due to over-fishing. With the growing human population comes an increased demand for food and other important items. To counter this demand, fishing activities has accelerated over the last 50 years and the result of that certain fish species are on the brink of extinction. The government has stepped in to control this and has set up fish nurseries all over the country to spur back their growth.

Banning of poaching

Like many governments around the world, Canada has banned the poaching of animals and sale of their products. Strict laws have been put in place to ensure that the highest penalties are meted out to people who are caught engaging in acts of poaching. This is to discourage the senseless killing of wildlife, which is vital for our future.