The question of whether we should or should not protect the animals living in the wild has been raging for ages, those that have seen the ravages of a destroyed environment have been on the fore front of asking for more action for the protection and conservation of the environment. Those that are living in the cloud and still think Earth can take care of itself are content with what has been done so far, but the question now is whether more should be done to further protect the environment or what has already been done is enough? Are the animals safe?

Protecting something as vital as the environment will never be enough, neither should it ever stop. It should be a lifetime endeavour of every man, woman and child on the planet. The activity itself does not require much in terms of time or energy, planting a tree is a prime example. It only takes less than 5 minutes to plant a tree, water it once in a while is not that hard a task.

Every day, the human population increases a little further and with this comes a new demand for more space to build houses, hospitals and roads. This space does not belong to us alone. Every time we encroach on such spaces, we are pushing animals further and further into extinction since they cannot survive in an area the size of a playing field. We cut down trees that regulate the atmosphere and in their place, we setup industries that emit dangerous gases. Stopping all this backward thinking is what of paramount importance and urgency. We cannot stop now just because we were able to reclaim a small area for animals. We have to keep soldiering on until balance is restored. Wildlife needs their home back, humans need to start regulating their numbers or risk destroying the whole planet.